Agrelli, a city hotel in Kardamena, Kos, Greece

The fish village of Kardamena

The village of Kardamena is built in the location of the ancient town of Alasarna. Kardamena has evolved very fast to one of the most alive tourist resorts on the island and most popular villages in Europe.

It has very nice beaches and offers many types of entertainment. The visitor of Kardamena has the chance to travel by tourist ship to the near island of Nisyros, to the dorp of Kefalos as well as to the island's capital, having that way the opportunity for a sea scenic drive.

Life in Kardamena

Life speed in Kardamena is continuesly changing. You can start your day going to the nearby sandy beach only a few metres far from the hotel. Lie down and rest under the sunshades, enjoy the hot sun of Kardamena and dive into the crystal blue sea of the Aegean. If you like an even more quiet place, you can try Helona's beach.

At noon, you can continue with good greek food at the great tavernas that are located just next to the beach. The town has also lots of little shops that impress with the variety of the products they sell. But you can't have the full picture of Kardamena until you experience its' night life. It literally transforms from a quiet place into a top class entertainment hotspot!

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